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A warm welcome to my family, friends, former coworkers, neighbors, and strangers alike...

I slapped this site together for each and every one of you, but mostly to save myself time. 

Time spent explaining over and over again how I managed to set myself free from the day job you’ve all known me to be locked into for almost 14 years. A humble florist at a grocery store.

No doubt, the job you never expected me to be able to leave. 

I was starting to doubt it myself!

But it’s done. And I found a community for you that can tell you everything you need to know to do it, too. I’m a member there now myself, and I encourage you to check out their next LIVE 4-day event for yourself.

You were all starting to ask me questions as I was getting close. 

As I was turning down invite after invite. 

As I pretty much disappeared for awhile, spending every waking moment either serving out my time at my day job or else building my online business alone in my tiny bedroom office in my equally tiny apartment. 

If you weren’t my computer, my hubby, my business mentors, or my employee, I had ZERO time for any of you for a bit. Sorry about that. But not, because I knew all you people I love would benefit, too.

You’ll see, too, that having your own business and a really big dream will change your perceptions about how you spend your time. At least, I hope you get that chance.

Correction…I hope you’ll TAKE that chance.

Fire your boss. Start an online business TODAY. Everything you need to get started is on this simple site I made for you, darling

I know a lot of you don’t know just how long I have actually spent learning and studying and building all the skills I needed to get my own online business finally off the ground and earning a living for me.

The truth is, I really started this journey back in 2009.

Since then, things have gotten SO MUCH EASIER for online business newbies. ANYONE of you CAN do this now.

There is now an online community you can be a part of for just $50 a month, and they will guide you and teach you everything you need to know, using an all-in-one tool you’ll need to pay just an additional $150 a month for.  

With the community training and the platform, you’ll have all you need to launch your online business in less than a month! 

You are so damn lucky. I have spent years and THOUSANDS of dollars to get here. You get a total headstart. 

But I think what most of you really need is a little encouragement and inspiration. Why? So you can see how easy this really is AND that you do have something special to offer straight out of your own mind RIGHT NOW.

You don’t need to be an expert in anything. You just need to know a little more than the person you teach or coach with your courses, community, or coaching.

To get the necessary inspiration and encouragement and discover the community and platform that will get you launched in less than a month for $200, just watch the videos I have posted, starting with Day 1.

If you have 1 hour a day, $200 a month to spare, and ANYTHING you are passionate about, have experienced, or survived, or know really well, you can launch a fun profitable online business this month

Get started with Day 1, then Day 2, then Day 3, then Day 4. Click on the menu button (three stacked horizontal bars) and find the links to these posts.

Then, just watch each video and get ready to change your life.

OR, you can attend their next 4-day event LIVE by clicking here.

STOP working so hard for someone else’s dream that might be making your life a nightmare for you.

START building something in as little as 20 minutes a day that will give you and your family every dream and all the security, time, and freedom you were BORN to enjoy.

The community will give you all the opportunities to seek any help and get questions answered, but you can always feel free to reach out to me, too. Email me desa@prosperityfriend.com and if you have my number, I think you know by now to leave a message, right? 

Texting me? Yeah, you know I’ll see those eventually, too. LOL. But I WILL, and I WILL get back to you and help you, buddy.

I wish you and yours nothing but success, peace, love, and prosperity for the rest of your days.

God bless us, everyone!