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Hello friends, family, neighbors, and strangers alike. I put this together to help you at least understand that YES, you can do this, too... AND to give you some inspiration and the first steps to getting started. The community I recommend here will help you save the years I spent learning on my own the stuff they teach you. But I'm still a member there myself just to enjoy the company of people who "get" what you and I are trying to do. Still, of course, if there is anything that confuses you, feel free to reach out to me. Even if you think you are a person I didn't like much when we were slaving away at Whole Foods together (Reneeand Reva, I'm talking to you). I'll help you because I want EVERYONE to have the opportunity and the knowledge they need to get away from these arrogant, destructive, and selfish corporations and start working for YOUR dreams, not theirs. You CAN do this! And you have found the right people to help you. Just take it one step at a time. Click the start here button, and watch that first video for Day 1. God bless you, and prosper you.